Embracing innovation

Dr. Marilyn C. Sandor opens our Spring issue by recognizing the power of the spirit of innovation.

Pediatric dentistry has its foundation rooted in the profound understanding that a child’s dental health odyssey molds their overall wellbeing for years to come. Pediatric dentists recognize the importance of staying at the forefront of developments and embracing new technologies and approaches. Our role transcends the clinical, as we guide children toward embracing lifelong habits that enshrine oral health as a paramount priority.

As the warm breezes of spring usher in a season of growth and renewal, we’re reminded of the cyclical journey of growth and transformation that influences all aspects of life. Within our profession, this season symbolizes a period of renewal, offering fresh perspectives and an ongoing commitment to enhancing our care for the youngest smiles in our communities.

With the increasing adoption of telemedicine and point-of-care diagnostics, we inch closer toward a future where pediatric dental care is accessible, convenient, compassionate, and tailored to the unique needs of every child.

In this spirit of growth and renewal, we are thrilled to present our spring issue, brimming with latest insights, techniques, and discoveries that elevate our collective pursuit of excellence in pediatric dental care. Buckle up and prepare to be inspired, because this spring, we’re elevating your knowledge and skills to new heights!

Within these pages, you will find a curated collection of perspectives from renowned experts, exploring the latest developments transforming pediatric dental care. The issue is bursting with insights on myofunctional therapy and how it illuminates the complex relationship between orofacial muscle function and craniofacial development, advances in materials and equipment for conservative, precise treatments using biomimetic restoratives and cutting-edge diagnostics, strategies for caries management, incorporating lasers to perform precise, minimally invasive procedures with less discomfort and quicker healing, and advances in imaging modalities like digital radiography. Lastly, the potential of 3D printing for creating custom restorations, appliances, and surgical guides with unparalleled precision opens up new horizons in personalized patient care.

It also is crucial to recognize the profound impact of virtual care platforms, which signify a paradigm shift in how we deliver pediatric dental services. In line with the increasing adoption of telemedicine and point-of-care diagnostics across healthcare, these platforms enable dental professionals to provide remote consultations, track treatment progress, order and send prescription medications, provide preventative education, and receive customized care and diagnostic testing for an ever-expanding array of health markers, such as caries susceptibility and periodontal disease — all from the convenience of the patient’s home. We inch closer toward a future where pediatric dental care is accessible, convenient, compassionate, and tailored to the unique needs of every child. As we embrace these digital technologies, let us never lose sight of the unique perspectives and emotional needs of our youngest patients and their families.

As you peruse the pages of this issue, we hope you will be inspired by the boundless potential that lies within the pediatric dental landscape. Here’s to a spring filled with growth, inspiration, and the pursuit of excellence in patient-focused, integrated pediatric dental care starts.

Marilyn C. Sandor, DDS, MS, an experienced pediatric dentist based in Southwest Florida, is an innovative trailblazer. Since establishing her private practice, Naples Pediatric Dentistry, in 2001, she has distinguished herself as a clinical expert and innovative force. In 2009, Dr. Sandor introduced the globally acclaimed ZOOBY prophy angles, the first patented pediatric-focused dental prophylaxis angle, that prioritizes patient comfort and satisfaction.

Now, as the Founder and CEO of GoodCheckup Corporation, Dr. Sandor continues her commitment to enhancing dental care accessibility and equity. Through GoodCheckup, she has utilized cutting-edge technology to create innovative virtual care solutions for specialized dental services, eliminating geographical constraints and empowering dentists and patients. Dr. Sandor has earned widespread recognition, including nominations for the prestigious World’s Top 100 Doctors Award and the Denobi Award.

Dr. Sandor also is a passionate advocate for community welfare and a champion for diabetes research. She has also inspired positive change and transformation within the dental community and beyond through her role as a co-author of influential books such as Leadership – Changing the World from a Dental Chair and Alpha Dentistry volume 3: Paediatric Dentistry FAQ.

GoodCheckup is a virtual care for dentistry platform designed to facilitate knowledge exchange and consultations enhanced by point-of-care diagnostics. Our app offers three cutting-edge platforms — GoodCheckup Doctor, Kids, and Caregiver. GoodCheckup Kids is a new mobile app for pediatric dentistry that connects you and your patients, quickly and easily. Provide quick offline dental screenings powered by AI to full video consultations and electronic prescriptions, and set yourself free with Your Office in Your Hand. For more information, visit www.goodcheckup.com.

Another innovation in pediatric practices is identifying children with pediatric sleep issues. Read “Pediatric sleep issues last a lifetime: join the movement ASAP,” by Dr. Michelle Weddle at: https://pediatricdentalpractice.com/pediatric-sleep-issues-last-a-lifetimejoin-the-movement-asap/.