It’s 2024 y’all, and it’s time to stop using sticky varnish!

Joffree Bunleang applauds Profisil fluoride varnish for breaking the barriers to patients accepting fluoride.

Joffree Bunleang applauds Profisil® as an innovation in flouride varnish

Let’s roll out the red carpet for Profisil® — the MVPs of fluoride, the innovators of prevention and comfort!

Let’s just say this product is long overdue. Research on fluoride began way back in the 1900s, thanks to Fredrick McKay and Dr. G.V. Black. It wasn’t until the 1960s that we even started using fluoride gels and varnishes.1 Shame.2

Fast forward to present day. I feel as though I can speak for all of us and say we are feeling frustrated when we recommend fluoride to a patient with high risk for decay, and they decline merely because they do not like it. Their reasoning has nothing to do with cost and everything to do with how they simply just do not like “having fuzzy sweater teeth.”

As prevention specialists, our job is to educate our patients and allow them to make their own choices. Even when we mildly (or harshly!) disapprove of their decision, as professionals, we still honor it.

Application of Profisil® fluoride varnish

Friends and colleagues, if everything that I have mentioned thus far resonates with you, you are really going to enjoy what I am about to share with you!

I have discovered there is a new kid on the block! Allow me to introduce you to Kettenbach Dental! Kettenbach Dental has recently gifted the world of dentistry with Profisil, a new fluoride varnish. This is the fluoride of the future, an absolute game changer that belongs in all of our offices.

Let me tell you why this product is so amazing.

  • Profisil contains no alcohol. Zero. Zilch. Nada. It matters because this means no more irritation to the gums, no more discomfort for patients, and a halt to patients asking “Is this supposed to sting my gums?”
  • These guys have kept the options simple, yet covering all the bases with mint, berry, and they even make an unflavored varnish. So say goodbye to that foul taste we are all too familiar with.
  • Until you try this product, you are just going to have to take my word for it. This varnish is like magic. It is so smooth, so silky; there is nothing sticky or gritty about it. You are probably wondering how can a varnish be smooth, silky, and leave patients with a clean prophy feeling? It’s simple — they don’t use colophony (rosin) aka the sticky sappy stuff. They use a silicone base which provides patients with a smooth feeling as opposed to that heavily hated fuzzy sweater
  • This fluoride is here to help providers deliver the best level of care to their patients, and break the barrier of “I don’t like how my teeth feel with that sticky stuff.”
  • Post-op instructions are simple. Don’t brush for 4 hours, no hot beverages, and no sticky foods.

The clouds have parted, the sun is out, and the prayers of our predecessors have finally been answered! There is now a fluoride on the market that patients actually like! Join me and my team in the movement of no more fuzzy sweater teeth. Order direct by calling 877-532-2123 or visiting

This article was provided by Kettenbach USA.

Joffree Bunleang, co-founder of Hygiene Elevated, is dedicated to uplifting dental hygienists in her community. Through initiatives like the Hygiene Elevated Conversations and Innovations podcast and an apparel line, she brings joy and knowledge to the field. Her “Beyond Scaling” school presentation tour offers mentorship and practical advice to students. Known for her positivity and expertise, Joffree transforms hygiene departments and boosts productivity. Her guidance fosters growth and success in dental teams, while her approachability creates a collaborative atmosphere. As a hygiene consultant, she leads by example, inspiring excellence and empowerment in the dental community.

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