Dolphin Management announces integration with Zeeno Robotics

Chatsworth, CA August 2023—Dolphin Management’s newest integration is with Zeeno Robotics, the pioneering robotic office assistant. This integration enables patients to conveniently check in for their appointments using Zeeno, while also allowing Zeeno to update the appointment status and even accompany patients to their assigned chairs.

“’Robots are Real’ is Zeeno’s tagline. Well, these robots ARE the real deal, and quite useful in a practice! Our integration allows users to tap into the full spectrum of the Zeeno robot’s functions, directly from their Dolphin Management system,” says Chester Wang, president of Dolphin.

This innovative integration revolutionizes the patient experience, supports the clinical team, and enhances practice efficiencies. For a full list of Zeeno’s capabilities, visit

“Wow, another first for Dolphin! The first practice management system to integrate with a robot! Now THAT is newsworthy. Dolphin, always on the cutting edge!” exclaims Dr. Marc Lemchen, practicing orthodontists and founder of Dolphin, Zeeno Robotics, EasyRx, and many other innovative technologies in the orthodontic space.